Welcome to the Free Advice page of dawnmelanie.com.  Here I share some practical advice to help new competitors.


CONFIDENCE  You must feel confident wearing it. Whether you buy a Dawn Melanie suit or another, order from a site that custom-crafts it and sends it to you for a fitting. You don’t want any surprises when you get the finished product.  Remember only a few styles will be right for you. Make sure you understand what you’re getting.  Send him/her pictures before and after the suit is made. This will ensure that you receive what you need. We want you to be happy and confident on stage, so you’ll let us serve you again and again! *smile* 

COLOR AND STYLE  The suit you choose should complement your hair color and reflect your personality. You want to feel good and have fun wearing it. Ask your designer what color fabric he/she has available. Take your time making your decision.

SKIN TONE  Make sure your tan is deep and golden.

FIT  The fit of your suit is also very important. The bottoms of your suit should be narrow in the back and sit low at the base of your back. It will feel bare and uncomfortable the first few times you put it on, but you’ll get used to it. *smile*  The sides of your suit bottoms should be pulled high on the hip to elongate the look of your legs, but not too high. If your suit sits too high, you’ll look stocky even if you have a long torso. The front of your suit bottoms should also sit lower. No wardrobe malfunctions!

TIME Give yourself time to get the perfect suit. Order it at least 4 weeks out, if you’re close to your competition weight. Give your designer time to make sure that she is constructing exactly the suit you want. When the test suit arrives, take pictures in it from all angles and send them to your designer when you return the suit for your final fitting and decoration. That way, he/she can see what needs to be adjusted from your photos. Remember, your designer is the professional; he/she knows what your suit needs to make it fit just right. Try your suit on again a few days before your show and make sure that the straps are tacked exactly where you need them for maximum comfort.

BLING The stones should catch the light and dazzle, but only highlight not dominate the beauty of your suit. Your suit should enhance your beauty, not distract from it.

BIKINI BITE  Before you walk out on stage, remember to glue your suit in place, particularly the back. You’ll feel far more secure while posing and avoid an unnecessary wardrobe malfunction. *smile*