Welcome to My Bio page

Home:  Dallas, Texas
Height:  5’ 4”
Weight:  (Off Season): 124 lbs +/-
Weight:  (Contest): 113 lbs +/-
Email:  dmelanie@dawnmelanie.com


In university, I started lifting weights to improve my racquetball game. Before fulfilling this mandatory P.E. requirement (racquetball class), I did not participate in any sports. I loved it immediately, and have never stopped.


Management of Stress and a sense of control over my body. Since diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis over 13 yrs. ago, it is imperative that I avoid/manage stessful situations to mitigate any potential adverse effects upon my body. Favorable aesthetics enable me to be a viable competitor but the health benefits are priceless.  I like to set an example for others to "focus on your ABILITIES, not on any diagnosed disability."

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National Physique Committee (NPC) Figure Competitor

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2012 Lone Star Classic, Masters Class, Physique – 1st Place, Figure – 2nd Place 6/16/2012, Dallas, TX (Please see my Contest Gallery page for photos)

2008 USA Championships, Figure Class C – 16th Place 7/26/2008, Las Vegas, NV http://pics.musculardevelopment.com/index.php?mode=browse&id=13381


2008 Jr. USA Championships, Figure Class C – 5/17/2008, Charleston, SC http://pics.musculardevelopment.com/index.php?mode=browse&id=13381&eventcode=1246

2007 North American Classic, Figure Class B – 14th Place 8/31/2007, Cleveland, OH http://pics.musculardevelopment.com/index.php?mode=browse&id=13381&eventcode=1176

2007 John Sherman Classic, Figure Class B – 3rd Place, 7/21/2007, Houston, TX

2006 USA Championships, Figure Class D – 6th Place, 7/29/2006, Las Vegas, NV

2006 West Texas Classic, Figure, Short Class – 1st Place, Overall Winner, 4/08/2006, Lubbock, TX

2005 Jr. Nationals, Figure Class C – 7/29/2005, Rosemont, IL

2005 Ronnie Coleman Classic, Figure Class B – 1st Place, 4/25/2005, Grapevine, TX

2005 Ms. Bikini America, Delta Region – Overall Winner, 8/2005

2003 Southwest, Figure Medium Class – 1st Place, Overall Winner, 9/23/2003, Arlington, TX

2003 Greater Gulf States, Figure Class B – 2nd Place, 6/19/2003, New Orleans, LA

2003 Lone Star Classic, Figure Class B – 3rd Place, 6/6/2003, Plano, TX

2003 Ronnie Coleman Classic, Figure Class B – 3rd Place, 4/23/2003, Grapevine, TX

2002 Heart O’ Texas, Figure Class Tall – 9/22/2002, Plano, TX